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tornado, digitally altered image. (storm; wind; clouds; natural disaster)
The Great Molasses Flood and 6 Other Strange Disasters

Sometimes truly absurd and astounding things just happen, and other times mundane natural forces combine with misfortune to produce terrible results.

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Father Being Physically Abusive Towards Son, gaslighting
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What Is Gaslighting, Exactly?

And why is this insidious technique characterized by invoking old-fashioned lamps?

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A mural saluting the actual, and especially folklore, figure Johnny Appleseed in downtown Mansfield, Ohio
Was Johnny Appleseed a Real Person?
Johnny Appleseed is an American folk hero. But is he just a legend or did he really exist?
Charles II (1630-85), king of Great Britain and Ireland (1660-85), entering London on May 29, 1660 after the restoration of the monarchy; undated hand-colored print .
7 Monarchs with Unfortunate Nicknames
The political peanut gallery was extremely vibrant back in the day.
Rustem Pasha Mosque in the foreground and the Suleymaniye Mosque, an Ottoman imperial mosque on the Third Hill of Istanbul.
Sinan, the Ottoman Empire’s Master Architect
Sinan came from humble origins to become one of the greatest architects in history.
Undated photograph of American temperance reformer Carry Nation.
5 Famous Battle-Axes
The weaker sex? Not these women.
American murder suspect Lizzie Borden, 1890.
Lizzie Borden Took an Ax...
What’s the truth behind that gruesome school-yard rhyme?
Iroquois Native American
The 6 Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy
Who are the six nations of the Iroquois Confederacy?
Composite image - Annie Jump Cannon and Laura Redden Searing with background of suffragettes
Deaf women fought for the right to vote
A researcher unearths historical information about deaf women suffragists who fought with brilliance and dedication for personal and professional recognition, including for the right to vote.
Fresh vegetables, carrots, cabbage, broccoli, peppers, tomato, squash
8 of History’s Most Famous Vegetarians
These historical figures were vegetarians before it was cool.

Spotlight: World War I

The international conflict was virtually unprecedented in the slaughter, carnage, and destruction it caused, embroiling most of Europe along with Russia, the U.S., the Middle East, and other regions. WWI led to the fall of four great imperial dynasties, resulted in the Bolshevik Revolution, and, by destabilizing Europe, laid the groundwork for WWII.


closeup of ten dollar bill. Alexander Hamilton, money, currency
What’s On Your Money Quiz
Do you have the skills to know your bills?
Flag of France
France: A History Quiz
What French woman was arrested for wearing men’s clothing? What French landmark was supposed to last only 20 years?
Britain's Queen Elizabeth II smiles to the crowd from Buckingham Palace (London, England) balcony at the end of the Platinum Pageant in London on June 5, 2022 as part of Queen Elizabeth II's platinum jubilee celebrations. The curtain comes down on four days of momentous nationwide celebrations to honor Queen Elizabeth II's historic Platinum Jubilee with a day-long pageant lauding the 96 year old monarch's record seven decades on the throne. (British royalty)
Fit for a King (or Queen): the British Royalty Quiz
Acing this quiz would be a crowning achievement.
Civil rights leader Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. delivers a speech to a crowd of approximately 7,000 people on May 17, 1967 at UC Berkeley's Sproul Plaza in Berkeley, California.
Who Said It? Famous Quotes Quiz
Can you name the people associated with these famous quotations?


Five famous “firsts” accomplished by women
Five famous “firsts” accomplished by women
Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.


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